COPHY: For collaborative rehabilitation

COPHY for collaborative rehabilitation from Nicolette Tan on Vimeo.

Subtle change in difficulty levels

Force fitted difficulty levels

Prebeo: Future Food Supply

Prebeo , Future Food Supply from Nicolette Tan on Vimeo.

When in use

When sliding out

Food Supply Delivery and Storage

Detail, easy lifting off surfaces

Fruit Basket Semantics


Child-friendly maintenance

Non-intimidating aesthetics and functionality


takecake from Nicolette Tan on Vimeo.

Who jumps with cakes

Keeps cake upright

Flattened container reveals home baked cake

Cake smashed during transportation

Pilot Frixy

Pilot Frixy, Correcting Toddler's Pen Postures from Nicolette Tan on Vimeo.

Incorrect pen posture

Corrected Pen Posture

Concept Grip

The Pilot Frixy Collection