Generative Design
Studio Description Generative design refers to a method in which the design output is generated by a set of logic, also know as an algorithm. For this studio, students explored generative design in tandem with digital fabrication techniques, developing objects of value that are not possible through conventional manufacturing techniques.

Platform Leader | Patrick Chia
Fusilli App
Generative design is an increasingly relevant field in design. For this studio, familiar geometries were investigated, and through an understanding of their innate logic, coupled with digital fabrication techniques, reproduced in ways unique and intriguing.

Fusilli is a wrist accessory generated from a simple algorithm during an exploration of mathematical oscillations and their threedimensional paths. Coupled with the nylon selective laser sintering manufacturing technique, the perpetually spiraling form of Fusilli expands, twists, and contracts with surprising ease. This surprising elasticity and visual lightness, points at a new materiality not possible through conventional product design methods.

By exploring a physical space, one explores Fusilli’s digital solution space; creating a tangible experience for product customisation.

Clement Zheng