Digital Wellness
In this platform, we are interested in unlocking human potential and human capabilities through digital design innovations. Students focus on designing for wellness, and through the platform, research, explore, make, and refine concepts through design and technical prototyping. This platform aims to discover opportunities and challenges in making smart digital objects, new interactions or responsive environments, for happy healthy life.

Platform Leader | Ellen Do | Clement Zheng
Word Out!
Word Out teaches pre-school children letters and spelling by engaging their entire body. By twisting and forming alphabets with their body, kids experience the form of each alphabet. Word Out detects when a letter has been formed, moving on to another letter, eventually spelling a word for the player. This educational game aims to help children learn better through engaging them in a fun and kinaesthetic manner.

Yap Jia Li Kelly | Goh Mei Hsien Christabel | Felicia Clare Paul