Design Incubation Centre
As part of DID’s unique offering, the Design Incubation Centre (DIC) was established in 2006 as a design research laboratory which investigates and develops new design tools, expanding possibilities for the design practice. This helps to keep the Division at the forefront of design.

DIC also functions as a test bed for teaching methods, conduct- ing research probes and developing new design methodologies through close collaboration between academia, government agencies and the industry.

Students in DID can access DIC’s vast resources and ever-expanding knowledge base through workshops and course projects run by DIC staff, as well as through internships and fellowship programmes offered by the Centre itself.
Workshops are platforms for the Design Incubation Centre to explore new areas for design. Since 2007, the Centre has conducted more than 20 workshops on topics such as Big Data, Coding, and Nudging.

ABE the Tummy Dummy
An abdominal simulator designed to enable medical trainees to effectively practise physical examination techniques.

DIC 3D Scanning and Printing
The Design Incubation Centre Prototyping Lab with its facilities and capabilities, enable faster iterations of prototypes for a more fluid and robust design process. “Collective Consciousness in 3D” is a probe project initiated by the Design Incubation Centre with the aim of capturing a snapshot of a person at a moment in time.