Design Research and Design Process
This course is to introduce the design process of how to identify user needs and make innovation happens. The key phases include user research and its ethnographic methodologies, design thinking and creativity approaches.

Students are split into groups working on two field sites, a business hotel in Raffles and a backpacker hostel in Arab Street. The two contexts provided actual and rich sources for field research and hence, innovative development.

Platform Leader | Luisa Szeman Mok
Collaborator | Ascott Raffles Place | Shophouse Social Hostel
Worklax Pods
Through design research, the group discovered the business travelers’ need for more space in Ascott Raffles to cater for an amalgamation of work and leisure purposes. 

The Worklax Pods are furniture pieces designed for business travelers to relax or complete light office work in the shared Residents’ Lounge. They offer a certain degree of privacy while not sacrificing the openness and flexibility of the space.

Lau Jo- Hanan | Koh Jing Ting | Lim Jia Yi Cecilia

Speaking tubes
From our initial user research, the physical distance between the hostel’s ground floor and the rooftop impedes communication. Hence, there was an opportunity for us to enhance communication between the staff and guests and among the guests themselves. These speaking tubes run from the ground floor directly to the rooftop so it allows guests and staff alike to communicate through it. We used PVC pipes held together by joints as it is a low-cost solution and that it reflects the DIY spirit of the hostel.

Muhammad Assyaraf B Johari | Poh Hui Qing | Shaun Seah Yui Meng | Woo Kum Yoong Marcus