Design for Medicine
‘Design for Medicine: In Digital Era’ was introduced to engage students to contribute to the medical field through design thinking, focusing on a human-centered approach. The students put their observational skills, critical thinking and ability to innovate the test. The type of projects vary from surgical instruments, educational simulators, rehabilitation tools etc., which results in potential patents and commercialization.

Platform Leader | Yen Ching Chiuan | Ulrich Schraudolph | Felix Austin
Collaborator | National University Hospital | Alexandra Hospital | Jurong Medical Centre
Modum is a low cost yet realistic simulator for Otolaryngologists to practice Myringotomy. She is equipped with a life-like, modular ear, ear canal and ear drum which are interchangeable and easily replaceable. This allows doctors to practice on various scenarios of replicated conditions from the different sizes of babies’ ears to adults and even abnormal conditions such as those of syndromic patients. It also allows the puncture of the ear drum as well as mucous removal.

Delane Foo Wei En | Darren Kenneth Fill | Stephanie Yeo

HAND – Hand Surgery Simulator
HAND is a hand surgery simulator that allows young surgeons to learn and practice surgical procedures like syndactyly release and z-plasty before performing it for the first time.

In collaboration with National University Hospital, Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Hon Sui Ming Raymond | Lim Tian Hwee Loren