Design for Context
Students are trained in the methodical fundamentals of physical product design - They are challenged with finding answers to numerous key considerations in designing objects so that products become desirable and pleasurable human use, while at the same time meeting business objectives of market competitiveness and production feasibility. These include creating solutions fitting for the environments of use, consideration for user psychology, ergonomic factors, the market opportunities, branding message, as well as realistic technical proposals for manufacturing.

The project provides a stretch for the students by requiring them to meet holistic product development parameters, while reaching a proficient level of detailed design to end up with a sound product proposition as well as mature, controlled form-giving.

Platform Leader | Donn Koh | Ash Yeo
Arch Electric Shaver
Arch is proposed as an electric shaver for first-time-shaving male youths – the emphasis placed on crafting understandability, clarity, friendliness and approachability in a product. The shaver’s accommodating form, straightforward construction and effortlessly handsome details introduces the first-time-user to an assuring, near-zero learning-curve experience of personal grooming.

Jexter Lim | Jolene Ng | Joseph Goh | Lee Si Min

A Beautiful Iron
In a product category crowded with touting of features and aesthetics which strive to shout about power, functions, comfort and speed, one wonders if there might be room for an iron that was simply approached as a sculpture, as an object of beauty? The desire to express the maximum elegance, minimalist beauty, visual harmony and unashamed pursuit of an exquisite, luxurious desirability was balanced with the tensions to pull this object towards the realities of manufacturing constraints, human factors, usability and acceptability. The result is a well-judged set of compromises and synergies, composing together a highly desirable and mature product as a unique offering in the market landscape of irons.

Lee Han Xi | Au Hui Ying | Sharon Lam | Sherina Tan