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Curriculum Structure
Late Submission Policy
Policy on Late Submission with effect from AY2017/18

The division views late submissions seriously, and prescribes the following penalty for the graded component of the late submission applicable to all undergraduate DID modules, unless specified by the module leader:

Late submissions within 12 hours will incur a 15% point deduction in marks.
Submission thereafter would be marked down by 50%-100% point deduction in marks.

Other than proof of the inability to submit on medical grounds with a valid medical certificate, students would be penalized on late submissions. Should there be reasons other than those on medical grounds, students are expected to show proof and such situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Students will not be allowed to cite technical difficulties (in printing or IVLE upload for example) as a valid reason.
NUS IP Policy
As University Members, students are subjected to the NUS IP Policy. In summary, the University recognizes a student’s ownership of copyright to his/her thesis or dissertation, however, where such thesis, dissertation or design works is submitted to the University to meet course requirements, any intellectual property subsisting therein and any research data or database contained therein, and the physical media on which such thesis or dissertation was recorded, stored or printed, belong to the University. The student will be recognized as the author of the form of expression in his/her Authored Work (as defined in the NUS IP Policy), and University reserves the right to require the student to assign his copyright in the Authored Work for the purposes of commercializing the Authored Work and the student shall take such action as required to complete the assignment PROVIDED THAT the assignment of copyright contains terms which will enable the student to retain the right to reproduce the text of his Authored Work to ensure that his career benefit from publishing the results of the work. If the Authored Work or any Intellectual property subsisting therein is commercialized by University, the provisions on revenue-sharing in the NUS IP Policy (section H) shall apply.

For more information about the NUS IP Policy (in particular sections E and F), please visit:
Student Exchange Programme
Student Exchange Programme SEP

Under the Student Exchange Programme, students can spend up to one semester in approved overseas Universities offering similar modules. These modules could be counted towards the fulfilment of the student’s graduation requirements using the mapping ratio below. Detailed information and application procedures about SEP can be found here.

DID SEP Mapping Ratio for AY2017/18

Partner University Application Documents can be found here.

Click here for SEP Mapping (EduRec).

Click here for SEP Mapping guide.

Click here for University level application deadline.

Click here for Faculty level application deadline.

Each student is eligible for only ONE of these semester-out experience throughout his/her candidature at the division: Student Exchange Programme (SEP), Semester-long internship (Special Studies) or NUS Overseas College (NOC).

Internship Programmes
Internship programmes offer opportunities to students to enhance their learning while gaining valuable work and industry knowledge and skills. The credit-bearing internship programmes offered are listed below.

Design Internship (4 MC)
Work Experience Internship (4MC)
Special Studies (14MC)

Click here for the Internship Programmes details.

More information about Internships can be found here.

Click here for the Internship Application Form.

Click here for the Student Internship Report Template.
Design Platform Bidding
Platform Bidding System, campus login here.

For off-campus login, please login to web-VPN first.

You may view you bidding results here.
Awards and Prizes
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal - Best Graduate throughout the course of study.
For more information about the award:

Milton Tan Medal & Prize - Highest mark for ID4105 Design Platform 4.
For more information about the award:

Milton Tan Scholarship Overseas Internship -
A one-off award of up to S$7500 each to support students to gain overseas internship experience in an internationally renowned design firm for two months during the period from May to July.
For more information about the award:
Design Competitions
The division funds 50% of entrance fee including related courier or handling charges for models/prototypes and the maximum amount is capped at SGD $300.00 per entry (whichever is lower).

Click here for the Competition Form.
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