Conceptual design of button controls or similar elements
The aim of this discovery exercise is to develop a conceptual understanding of the physical attributes and control functions and visual signals of buttons used in general product design. Each of these buttons should have one of these following functions: to push, pull, swift, shift etc… The presentation of the final prototype which should be in term of form, ergonomics, color and texture the closest representation of a real product.

Platform Leader | Christian Boucharenc | Wendy Chua
Drawing inspiration from dance, this button series seeks to distil the grace and movement of the art form into the slender lines and curves of its wire and wood structures. The fragile-looking lines and volumes occupy their space in a way that evokes a perpetual sense of a paused moment in movement.

Lau Jo- Hanan | Koh Jing Ting | Lim Jia Yi Cecilia

This series of buttons is centred on the concept of softness, reaction and play. When one interacts with the white silicone outer membrane, the yellow rubber balloon hidden within pops out as a result.  This dramatic reaction surprises the user and prompts a sense of curiosity and wonder. One cannot help but interact with the buttons again to enjoy this pleasant surprise.

Zhang Hongxuan Edmund | Lu Xiaoheng | Lai Jing Yi