Award-winning design offers crafting therapy
The University’s successful cultivation of innovative designers was affirmed with the conferment of a Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014 on recent Industrial Design graduate Tricia Chean on 26 September at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore. This is the 15th award presented to an NUS-affiliated designer since the competition’s inception in 2005.

Tricia received recognition for her craft kit, “The Handmade Cure”—now renamed “Bloom”, which she submitted as a Year 4 student last academic year. She refined her initial concept by changing its packaging and presentation to appeal to a broader audience.

Her submission, which topped the “Relax” category, was among the 304 winning design concepts selected by an international panel, out of 4,791 entries from 63 countries.

“The award has re-ignited the passion in me to produce good design that can make a positive impact on others’ lives, rather than being focused on aesthetics. Bloom is a project that I’m proud of because it has the potential to really make a difference in someone’s life,” said Tricia.

The craft kit enables people to enjoy the therapeutic qualities of crafting and was initially developed for those suffering from anxiety disorders and depression.

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