Muse captures European design awards
A noise-cancelling office chair named “Muse” developed by two NUS Industrial Design creators has been awarded an iF Concept Design Award 2014 at a ceremony held in Hamburg, Germany, last month.

The world’s largest international competition for young designers honours the work of exceptionally talented design students.

The 91 Award recipients were chosen from about 14,900 entries submitted by 71 countries. The competition’s organisers looked for concepts by students and graduates from all design disciplines, ideas that represent a response to future challenges and which consider intelligent and contemporary design strategies. The winning designs can be viewed on the official iF application, the iF online exhibition and the iF yearbook 2014.

Nigel Geh Keong Teck, who is entering his final year, and Kenneth Ang Shun Qiang, who just graduated this month, had designed the chair last year for a studio platform “The Living Office”, which was conducted by the NUS Design Incubation Centre in the Division of Industrial Design. The platform’s purpose was to discover new possibilities for the future work space and the creation of new innovations for both business and consumers.

“Through thorough research and interviews, we realised a trend of companies adopting open-office concepts, and such layouts are much more affected by ambient noises, which result in decreased productivity,” said Nigel.

After exploring several concepts, the two came up with Muse, which embedded noise-cancelling speakers in a device that can be attached to most office chairs. The aim of the chair is to generate an acoustic zone around the user where background noise is cancelled, resulting in a more conducive working environment.

Kenneth, with his newly acquired Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, will begin a six-month internship with Proctor & Gamble Singapore, while Nigel will start his last year of study at NUS this August.