NUS DID won both Grand Awards at this year Furniture Design Awards 2014
Jexter Lim won the Grand Award in the Student Category.
” ‘Nishikigo’ or more commonly known as Koi, is a type of fish/carp that is largely reared in Asian countries for decorative purposes or a lucky charm. There is a belief in most Asian countries that it symbolizes Fortune, Success, Prosperity, Longevity, Courage, Ambition and Perseverance. It is one of the few living creature that has texture that intrigued me to collaborate with an essential item, a chair. This chair would be focusing on how the fish scales are stacked and overlapping each other. The stool itself would be made up of Oakwood carved and integrated to mimic the scales of the Koi fish. Space savvy and when stacked together in threes, it can be displayed as an ornament or statement furniture piece. A design created to promote the subtle detail of an Asian culture. ” – Jexter Lim

Our teaching faculty, Clement Zheng won the Grand Award in the Designer Category.
The #TorusLamp is a series of digitally fabricated pendant lights assembled from paper modules. The lampshade form and size are made customisable via a computer algorithm, which then generates the drawings for fabrication. This generative work-flow thus enable designers to efficiently customise the lamp to suit various contexts and spaces.

The efficient use of common sheet material, as well as light-industry fabrication methods like two-axis plotting and die-cutting, allows the lamps to be produced on demand within a self-sufficient and local business model.” – Clement Zheng

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