Eason Chow, Raymond Hon and Loren Lim selected as the TOP 20 in this year James Dyson Award.
Eason Chow’s project, Flipod, and Raymond Hon and Loren Lim’s Project, Hand, have selected as the TOP 20 in this year James Dyson Award.

Raymond Hon and Loren Lim, National University of Singapore
The process for learning to perform surgical procedures is long, as you’d imagine. HAND shortens the time while not taking away any of the quality, because it’s a surgery simulator used to teach young surgeons surgical procedures such as syndactyly release and z-plasty.

Chow Wai Tung Eason, National University of Singapore
Many non-ambulant patients have to be rotated manually in bed by their caretakers in order to relieve bed sores and improve breathing. This means their sleep is very disrupted and it significantly increases the burden on the caretaker.

Flipod’s inflated air bags move the person onto their side with an intuitive pulsating inflation sequence. These pulsating inflations simulate dynamic muscle movement. The air bags can also be positioned specifically to relieve the user’s pressure points, providing huge relief of bed sores for patients with Scoliosis.

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